Newly !!!! 4 Styles of Jerry Curly

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Hi, Beauies
Today is Curly hair style, A Curly ignored by many GirlS-----Jerry Curly~

It is  a little like kinky curly, but the Jerry Curly will be more elasticity, Even you washed it.


For Any curly wig, Many Beauties are to choose natural style with full hair, which will be easy to style,However, we must pay attention to the hair density, especially the density of the hair ends, which must look natural and thicker, otherwise the  hair will appear thin on our big head~

 Of course, there is more than one. If you choose the big part lace frontal wig , you can part it with any style, i love this gorgeous style~

Of course, if you want a high ponytail in summer ,Jerry curry will give you a different effect,its delicate and small curly will give you a fluffy effect , this is cute.

Besides, I most recommend to use jerry curly to do Braid at front head, There may be a lot of unavoidable friction during production or packaging, which will cause the curly of the front to loose, and the curly of the lower layer of hair covered by them is perfect,


Want to Try this curly wig ?

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