4 Style of 99j Burgundy Human Hair Wig

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Hi, Beauties,
Collect 4 different Style for 99j Wig💕


First one . it is straight style with bang, This style can be easily made by ourself at home.From the sexy kind of symbolism that she brings to her hair style to this more sophisticated glamour, More gentle, knows the nature, the independence, the sex appeal~💓

If you don't want a bangs, It's Ok, you can try a low ponytail.Remember to leave a strand of hair on both sides of your forehead,The effect is soft and pretty rather than drop-dead sexy for girls~💓

The other one style needs to be completed in the salon, if you are not very professional on hair style.it look lovely,Cuteness and exquisite~💓


The other is a very casual style,You can do it every morning with a curling stick,Our life is not informal event every day, that if you can be happy, so you can style casually~💓


Want a Same Wig to style it , Click the picture to get it~